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    • According to CNET UK: 
      'The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the year's hottest phone, perhaps even more feverishly anticipated than the latest iPhone. It's the follow-up to the smash-hit Samsung Galaxy S3, probably the best smart phone out there. And Samsung has decided that if it ain't broke, don't fix it -- just turn it up to 11. 

      With a mindboggling array of features and market-leading specs, the S4 packs a lot of power in your pocket. But is it different enough from the S3 to get us excited?' The S4 sports a roomy 5-inch screen with a slim bezel at each side. The screen plays videos in crisp high-definition detail, at 1080p resolution -- like your TV -- with 441 pixels per inch.

    • Nokia outsources Symbian development to Accenture

    • If it wasn't clear enough that Nokia no longer wants anything to do with the platform that made them the king of the smartphone segment, then you should read this. Nokia has signed an agreement with Accenture to outsource the development and support activities for Symbian.

      As part of the agreement, Accenture will continue to develop and provide support for Symbian till 2016 as previously promised by Nokia, but what happens after that is anyone's guess. Meanwhile, 2,800 of Nokia's employees are expected to transfer to Accenture at closing, which will happen in the early part of October, 2011. We hope the way Nokia is shrugging off other responsibilities to concentrate on their Windows Phone 7 devices, they turn out to be worth it.

    • This is what the HTC ChaCha for AT&T will look like

    • The HTC ChaCha is heading to the AT&T network in the US and this is how it is going to look like. Although at first glance it may not look all that different, you will notice upon closer inspection that there are couple of minor changes in the design.

      For starters, the Facebook button looks bit different. The keypad is also bit different; the Fn, Tab and Euro symbol keys have been replaced by Alt, Shift and .com respectively. The screen is a bit doctored because usually Android phones don't show the network name in the status bar on top but shows clearly that the device would be running on AT&T's regular 3G network.

      The HTC ChaCha was originally announced back in Mobile Word Congress 2011, however it is on sale only in few markets right now. It was one of the two Facebook phones launched by HTC, the other being Salsa. It has a 2.6-inch, 480 x 320 resolution landscape display and a full QWERTY keypad. Originally it was running on a 600MHz processor but was recently upgraded to 800MHz processor.

      The HTC ChaCha is expected to go on sale on AT&T network by the end of this quarter

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